What is blister tray and use for?

Blister tray is a type of plastic tray made through the blister process. It’s got a bunch of good points and is used in lots of places.
Blister tray
When it comes to product packaging, it’s often used in these areas:
  1. Electronic products:

    Stuff like phone accessories, batteries, headphones, and so on. It can hold them in place well and protect them so they don’t get broken during shipping and storage. For instance, in the packaging of some fancy headphones, the blister tray can keep the headphones exactly where they should be. It shows off the product and keeps it safe at the same time.

  2. Medical supplies:

    Things like syringes, medicine, small medical devices, and such. Blister trays can make sure medical supplies are clean and sterile.

  3. Cosmetics:

    Like powder, eyeshadow trays, lipstick, and so forth, it makes them all lined up neatly in the package and look nice.

  4. Toys:

    All kinds of small toys. It stops the toy parts from getting scattered and damaged.

  5. Food industry:

    It’s used to package chocolate, candy, and other foods. It helps keep them a bit dry and fresh.

The blister tray is really important in many industries. It’s popular because it’s not too expensive, it works well in different situations, and it does a good job of packaging.
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