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Our Custom Packaging Solution

From the design and production of packaging products to the configuration of packaging lines, One-Stop solution service.

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Packaging Bags

Stand-up pouch, Flat pouch, Spout pouch, Frosted zipper bag, Plastic packaging bag, Plastic shopping bag

packaging machinery

Packaging Machinery

Save on packaging costs with our cost-effective machinery solutions without compromising quality or efficiency.

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Packaging Solutions

Get custom packaging machinery solutions that meet your industry requirements and enhance your packaging process.

Our Custom Packaging Bags Products

We produce all types of custom packaging bags: Aluminum Foil Bags, Die Cut Mylar Bags, Facial Mask Bags, Frosted, Zipper Bags, Mailer Bags, Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Spout Pouches, Stand Up Pouches and bags with all kinds of special shapes.




Die Cut Mylar Bags

Facial Mask Bags

Shipping Bags

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Kisen Packaging Factory Story

With over a decade of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of top-of-the-line custom packaging bag solutions and packing machinery manufacturers.

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